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3 Books That Will Leave You Feeling More Vibrant & Alive

3 Books That Will Leave You Feeling More Vibrant & Alive

Books!! I love them and I devour them.

I go through phases with my reading. Reading fiction books for a period of time, then money books, self-help books, autobiographies. At the moment I’m in a love yourself, create your best life phase of reading! In the last month I have absolutely loved these 3 books and had to share them with you. Knowing that if creating your best self, living your best life is important to you then these 3 books below will completely resonate with you.

Enjoy……and happy reading!!


1.The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane Von Furstenburg

As autobiographies go I love the inspiration and eclecticness of Diane’s life story. While not a raving fan of her fashion style/work, her desire to “live a life on purpose” and become the woman that she wanted to be left me feeling inspired and moved and reflecting on my own life’s purpose. This read was a touching reminder that living a life true to who you are rarely follows a straight trajectory, and that’s totally ok! For purchase here.



2. Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling

Gala Darling…..how I love thee. A guide to loving yourself and living your dream- the tagline, and the perfect description of this book. It’s fun, funky and frank just like Gala herself. Easy to read and full of great tools and techniques that you can easily do and apply to your own life. Gala Darling originally self-published this book and it has since been picked up by the publishing group Hay House. Re-released for purchase here. 



3. Make Every Man Want You: How To Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep From Dating Yourself! by Marie Forleo

Don’t be fooled by the title. This book has nothing to do with men and everything to do with you!! Maybe mention that to your husband or partner before you open this one up while sitting next to him on the couch or in bed! Reading this book is like talking to a funny best friend who say’s it how it is. It focuses on showing you how to take care of yourself first, and then how the rest (including your romantic life) will just fall into place as a result. It is the advice women need to hear. This book will have you working through and raising your own standards in every area of your life, right down to the contents of your underwear drawer (an exercise I’ve used with several of my life coaching clients which is always powerful and fun!!!) Find a copy here.



I’d love you to share with me in the comments below. Have you read any of the books above? What books would you add to this list?


Please note that I am an affiliate with The Book Depository and will receive a very small kickback if you purchase through these links. Please know that I would not recommend any book or service to you that I have not wholeheartedly loved and enjoyed myself x

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3 Responses to 3 Books That Will Leave You Feeling More Vibrant & Alive

  1. What a fantastic list!! The Marie Forleo book sounds amazing and I have added it to my winter TBR list 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing these with your readers. I think a book that really fits in with these empowering reads is “It’s a Match! The Guide to Finding Lasting Love” by author and psychiatrist Natalie Moore (http://www.nataliemoore.net). The author gives really helpful advice on finding a match (online or offline) as well as maintaining the relationship. If you are constantly wondering, “Is he the one?” than this is a must read. She has come up with the “4 Levels of Love” which helps identify whether or not you have a relationship that has potential to last for a lifetime. People tend to look at all the superficial stuff first and forget how important their core values are and how much that will eventually impact the relationship (for better or worse). It is easy to read, inspiring. and extremely helpful. It left me feeling empowered and ready to find the man of my dreams!

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