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3 Reasons To Try A Juice Cleanse In Winter

3 Reasons To Try A Juice Cleanse In Winter

Recently I had a full house of family members staying with me from interstate. My kettle was on constant reboil to keep up with the endless cups of coffee and tea and our day was punctuated by food, food and more food.

No surprises that once I’d said my reluctant goodbyes to them at the airport that I found myself feeling sluggish, heavy and not only feeling tired but looking tired. My digestive system was overloaded and needed a break.

While I love a fresh juice, I had never tried a juice cleanse before. The thought of a liquid only, caffeine exempt 3 days honestly didn’t excite me. Certainly not in winter time. But overeating and a change in my eating habits with the cold weather had caught up with me and I knew that my body needed a break and a chance to return to the state I know it feels best at.

My 3 Reasons To Try a Juice Cleanse In Winter

1. It’s An Instant Pick Me Up

Despite it being ridiculously cold and rainy for each of the 3 days that I was on the cleanse I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it and how good I felt both during and after. I felt rejuvenated. My energy levels were up again and I felt light on my toes. The biggest surprise…. not one caffeine withdrawal headache throughout the entire cleanse. Not one afternoon sugar slump and despite only consuming juices I rarely felt hungry or low on energy. I literally felt the best I had in months.

2. Put Stop To The Bad Habits That Had Been Slowly Creeping In With The Cold Weather

By consuming no food for 3 days, while still continuing to prepare food for the rest of my family highlighted to me how much I mindlessly snack. The amount of times I had to stop myself from taking a bite of food that I was preparing for somebody, or that was leftover on one of my children’s plate was kind of ridiculous. Not to mention all the milky lattes that warmed me up from the inside and gave me a buzz that I now wasn’t allowed to consume. While I missed having those things I realised that I didn’t actually need any of it, and definitely not as much as I’d been enjoying them previously. I’d been filling up on warm food and drink to combat the cold a little too frequently. By taking 3 days away from my normal eating it showed up the bad habits I’d let creep into my diet.

3. Motivating

When you feel good you want to continue to feel good and so naturally I’m not wanting to ruin it by overindulging again. Doing a juice cleanse has tipped the scales back towards the healthy side of things for me. A place I find my body naturally tends to gravitate to in the warmer summer months anyway. From now on there will be less coffee more herbal teas, less mindless snacking, lighter options when it comes to my food choices and more emphasis on having at least one juice a day again in my diet (that healthy habit disappeared when the cold weather arrived too).

How I feel in myself now as I finish my cleanse is how I want to keep feeling and winter, if you think about it, is actually the perfect time for a juice cleanse. You are allowing your digestive system to take a break from the slightly heavier diet that we all tend to favour in an attempt to “fill” the winter chill. My two suggestions. Choice a cleanse that will keep your tastebuds satisfied with variety. I chose Inner Ego juices here in Perth and consumed 8 different juices a day. Without a doubt variety saved me from boredom and stopped me reaching for food. To combat the cold, make herbal tea your friend and consistently sip on a cup of something warm between juices.

Trust me when I say that you will only miss food for “food’s sake” if you do a juice cleanse during winter time.

Love to know. Have you ever tried a juice cleanse yourself? Or do one regularly?


Please note this is not a sponsored post for Inner Ego juices.

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3 Responses to 3 Reasons To Try A Juice Cleanse In Winter

  1. Hi Carla!

    Thanks for this. I feel like I need to do something similar so this was really helpful. I have a fresh juicer so I might just use that and make sure theres plenty of variety. So you consumed 8 juices per day and had tea in between?

    Also, did you find you were able to do light exercise during the juice cleanse?


    • Hi Emma!
      Yes 8 juices a day, with a 1 and 1/2 hour space between them. Then I sipped on herbal tea in between. I did do some light exercise every one of those days and found I felt fine, but the cleanse does recommend to stick to light exercise over the 3 days.
      Hope this helps, love to know how you go xx

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