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About Carla

Hello, I’m Carla Da Costa.

Welcome! I am a life coach, writer and creative living in Perth, Western Australia. I work with women (just like you) to live the vibrant, exciting and fulfilling life that they deserve. Positive change, personal growth and greater self-confidence are my reasons for everything that I write, create and share here; with you always in mind.

Carla Da Costa

I know what it’s like to have a desire for change and to feel bored and even unhappy in your own life. I also know how quickly all of that that can often lead to feelings of sadness, stress, disenchantment and a feeling of everyday being a “groundhog” kind of day.

Despite having less time to myself since becoming a Mother I’m now more productive then I ever was before having my two daughters. Go figure! I fit more into my days, I feel happier than I’ve ever done, I have a supportive circle of friends and loved ones in my life. I write, create, exercise and enjoy my life now more than ever I did before.

It all came about because of one strong desire. The desire to make everyday of my life, the best possible day of my life. No more going through the motions. Absolutely no more of that. If I can create this new way of being for myself, then I know that you can also.

I believe

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In putting your own needs first occasionally. It’s not selfish or self-indulgent. It’s necessary. Whether that’s finding time everyday to go for a walk and get some fresh air, taking that extra five minutes to get yourself ready in the morning or setting aside time to write and create in your day.
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In the power of reflection, having goals and writing those goals down. Whether it’s for your health, to add more spark to your life (socially, energetically, romantically, spiritually), a creative or business goal. Take those goals out of your head, put them onto paper and bring them into the real world.
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That your beliefs about your self shape your potential and your future. Negative and limiting self-beliefs create obstacles, limiting what we believe is possible for ourselves. It is life changing when you can replace them instead with a belief, a positive thought that is confidence building, uplifting and positive (you can find some examples in my free eBook here). Start believing that you are more than good enough just as you are.
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When it comes to exercise my belief is that you have to do what you love! Not follow the latest fads constantly. Health to me is about balance as much as it is enjoyment. I love pasta as much as I do my green juices. I eat chocolate and love salads. I enjoy doing pilates, running and walking. I also enjoy nights spent on the couch binge watching Netflix. I’ve done the size zero thing. Believe me, it was no fun and it was the unhealthiest I’ve ever been in my life.
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That personal development and positive change don’t have to be serious. It can be fun, simple and enjoyable (you can find my free eBook with 15 of my favourite ways to do this here).

I know you can create the life you want for yourself as long as you are clear on what you most desire- how it looks, feels and sounds. You are one of a kind so your life, your successes will also be unique to you. And the only way to discover that for yourself is to put on your best shoes and just start walking towards where it is you want to be and what you want to be doing. Stop thinking about it. Stop talking about it. Just start!

Carla Da Costa


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