Need Positive Change In Your Life?

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You’ve clicked onto this page for a reason. Something in your life doesn’t feel or look as wonderful as it should. Or perhaps there’s something that you’re not doing or avoiding- for yourself, in your life, for your business. Only you know what that something is.

So let’s dive in and explore how I can help you. Hopefully answering any and all of the questions you might have about what it’s like to work with me. FYI I’m very friendly!

What To Expect

:: Simple to follow step by step guidance to have you feeling more confident, more resilient and with a genuine sense of happiness within your self- regardless of what is happening in your world.

:: Foundations to help you create your own routine that is balanced and supports you to be the healthiest and most radiant version of you. Hello feeling back on track!

:: An improved and more positive outlook on your life. A true desire to make everyday of your life the best day of your life because we owe it to ourselves as much as we do the ones we love. No more simply going through the motions.

:: A support system to lovingly guide you through challenging times of transitions in your life and onwards through to the other side; a happier, healthier, brighter more radiant version of you. 

:: Accountability and heart-felt encouragement if you are dreaming of or working towards your own online business or creative project. Advice to keep procrastination at bay and have you confidently putting yourself and your ideas out into the world.


Just so you know, life coaching is fun! It’s not all serious or fluffy. I’m trained to help you move forward in life with a stronger sense of your own inner confidence, positive energy and enthusiasm. 

It’s my job and I love it!

I catch myself all the time positively reframing situations for the loved ones in my life, turning their lemons into lemonade, lending an open, judgement free ear to their concerns and fears. What I’ve learnt- we all have something we are striving for, want to improve or want changed in our lives.

It’s the HOW that most of us get caught up in. Mixed with a touch (or a dollop) of self-doubt, procrastination, overwhelm or anxiety.

That’s where I come in.

Carla Da Costa


With 2 programs to choose between depending on what is right for you.

:: A Loving Kickstart ::

A one off 90 minute coaching session with me.


:: An Empowered Life ::

A 3 month coaching series with me.


A Loving Kickstart

A 90 minute coaching session designed to:

:: Move you through feelings of being stuck, lost, down, overwhelmed or flat in your life- whatever the reason.

:: Leave you feeling motivated and energised to take that first full step towards what you’ve been desiring for yourself.

:: Boost your confidence, lift your spirit and have you feeling centred and on track again.




An Empowered Life

A 3 month coaching series designed to:

:: Support you completely through a life transition with confidence and compassionate enthusiasm.

:: Empower you to create a healthier and more positive approach to life for yourself.

:: Guidance to shed blocks and negative beliefs that you currently hold about yourself. Beliefs that are holding you back from living the life and being the person you know you can be.

:: Give you clarity on your dreams and aspirations and supportive action to confidently see you achieve your goals- whether business or personal.

What does this series include:

:: We begin with a 30 minute clarity session. During this session we get super clear on what is most important to you, what you’d most like to change, do or improve. This session will take place over the phone or on Skype. It’s a great way for you to get a feel for me if you haven’t worked with me previously. There is a $25 fee for this 30 minute session which will be reimbursed if you choose to go ahead with this 3 month coaching series.

:: Six fortnightly calls, spaced throughout a 3 month period, with me over the phone (if you live in Australia) or on Skype for 60 minutes.

:: At each session we will create together realistic adjustments and a plan to support you to feeling more confident, happier and healthier in yourself. During the two weeks between sessions you will have actionable steps to test and move towards. If it’s good, we’ll keep them going and add more. If it’s not, we’ll tweak and improve it till we find what best suits you. This is all about giving you the skills, inner confidence and motivation so that you can take care of your wellbeing (inside and out) with more ease for the rest of your life.

:: Email support between each and every call whenever you need and for two weeks following our last session together.

You can pay monthly at $250 per month or the discounted rate of $600 for full payment of 6 sessions upfront.


What I hear most from clients who have worked with me is how surprised and proud they feel within themselves after working with me. To have achieved so much and to have come so far in such a short space of time.



If you are interested in working with me please click on the button above or email me at to chat with me further. Otherwise check out my Living With Heart books here that are designed to inspire you to be your best self possible- inside and out.

I look forward to working with you.

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