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A Grateful Heart: Behind The Book

A Grateful Heart: Behind The Book

Do you know something? A Grateful Heart was the first workbook idea that I conceived over 18 months ago.

The idea came about, not only for this book but A Living With Heart series of books around the same time that my marriage ended. It’s why this book feels personal and however unlikely it may seem at this point in my life, is dedicated to my ex-husband and gratefully so.

“The opposite of anger is not calmness, it’s empathy, it’s gratitude”

Mehmet Oz

My diving into this notion of living everyday with a sense of gratitude came about from one thing- my own unhappiness.

Gratitude put a stop to my negative thinking quickly and had me focusing on the amazingness that filled my life rather than the stressors and negatives in my life- two things that our human brains love to latch onto and focus on.

I feel like an entirely different person, inside and out, compared with who I was two years ago. I credit who I am today with choosing to start living everyday with a focus on gratitude.

I started not with a written gratitude journal, but a photographic Instagram journal, which I later turned into a weekly Instagram challenge. If you’ve followed me here from the beginning you may remember it. You may have even joined in with the daily prompts at one time!


Every week I created a new list of daily prompts to follow and in a short space of time over 1600 photos were tagged by others using the hashtag #instagramforgratitude. The only challenge with such a challenge…….the insubordinate amount of time I was spending on social media, looking at my phone and trying to keep up with everyone that was participating! As much as I loved seeing everybody’s photos (it added to my own sense of gratefulness) it just wasn’t sustainable so the weekly challenge eventually came to an end.

I feel the same way now about living with A Grateful Heart as I did then. I realise that I had taken for granted the internal, positive shift that having a daily gratitude practice had on me. How I viewed the world changed, how I felt about myself, my vibe changed. The best version of who I was started to naturally rise to the surface. I simply enjoyed life more and it was a feeling that continually grew in me.

Having a daily gratitude practice, which now either takes a written or meditative form in my life, has created in me a strong centre of happiness and sunshine that I now continue to nurture. It changed the energy I carried within myself and shared with others.

“When you feel grateful, you feel abundant and the best of you rises to the surface”

Carla Da Costa

Living with A Grateful Heart has simply changed me for the better.

This book is beautifully designed and full of inspiring quotes- purposefully!!! I want you to be inspired to pick it up. And to pick it up everyday for 21 days. To fill it’s pages every night or morning and to look forward to doing so.

A Grateful Heart

Will you join the 21 day gratitude challenge alongside myself and others? Starting from the 17th April I will be sharing on my social media my daily “I am grateful for….” page shots or a photo to mark a certain moment.  


Oprah credits keeping a daily gratitude journal for the last 16 years as one of the best things she has done for herself– I’m certainly not going to argue with her, it’s one of my most influential daily practices that works to keep me feeling consistently positive and at my best. Would you like to try doing the same alongside me and others?
Pre-Order your copy of A Grateful Heart in either eBook or Hardcopy format at it’s discounted pre-order price and I’ll have it landing in your letter box or inbox before we all collectively start on the 17th April. (You can find the link to the hardcopy version here and the eBook version here). It’s going to be fun, intimate, inspiring, enlightening and feel good. You can share your own feelings of gratitude with me in the comments below my social media post using a photo or words or alternately you can follow along privately. Either way the thought of collective gratitude makes my heart smile!

“When you express gratitude, you raise the vibrations around you to a higher frequency. You create positive energy that emanates out from you and returns to you as wonderful experiences. You become magnetic. Good things and good people gravitate toward you because you’re such a joy and delight to be around.”

Daniel Peralta


From now until the 17th April you can purchase A Grateful Heart at it’s discounted pre-order price in:

Hardcopy for $22.95 (+postage) here

and as an

eBook (downloadable and printable) for $14.95 here.

Please note if you are interested in purchasing the hardcopy version to purchase early, allowing enough time for postage if you would like it to arrive to you before the 17th April start.


Can’t wait to share this one with you xx

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