A Confident Heart (Hardcopy Version)


This beautifully designed book is your guide to living your best life. Your most confident life yet.


Gentle wisdom, guiding prompts, practical strategies and a genuinely personal touch make this workbook style book a must- read for those of us ready to bring to an end negativity ruling our lives, by empowering us in an easy-to-do and (most importantly) fun way.


This hardcover item is currently only available for postage to customers who live in Australia. If you live outside of Australia we recommend purchasing the eBook version of this book to download and print for yourself. You can find it here.


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Do you ever hold yourself back from doing the things you really wish you were doing?

Maybe it’s a career or relationship change, travelling the world or simply joining that local art class. If your answer is ‘yes’ then you’re certainly not alone. It’s easy to let fear and negativity take the driver’s seat in our lives. If only we were all born radiating positivity and confidence!

Of course, it’s not that simple. Building our confidence is something we need to learn to embrace without fear or self-judgement and is a muscle we need to work on and build within ourselves. But where do we start when we’re feeling less-than-positive about the state of our lives? If you’ve ever wondered how your life might be different if you had the courage to steer your own ship and live your best life — your most confident life — then Carla Da Costa’s A Confident Heart is for you.


This book is for you if you:

– Are going through a challenging life transition.

– Have lost your mojo and motivation (a little or a lot).

– Find you are holding yourself back from doing the things you really wish (or know) you should be doing.

– Feel directionless or stuck in your life.

– Desire to feel greater confidence, positivity and purpose.

– Have let fear and negativity take the driver’s seat in your life for too long.

– Want to inspire positive change in your own life.