A Vibrant Heart (Hardcopy Version)


A Vibrant Heart is a practical and inspiring guide that invites you to explore movement, eating and mindset with love and enthusiasm. All in the spirit of loving your body over hating on it.


Whether you want to lose weight, to feel healthier and more radiant, if you need help to find the time to fit exercise and healthy living into your life then this book will prompt you to do just that.



This hardcover item is currently only available for postage to customers who live in Australia. If you live outside of Australia we recommend purchasing the eBook version to download and print for yourself. You can find it HERE.


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What if we had the power to cultivate greater health, radiance and positive energy- right now?


In a sea of rigid health fads, A Vibrant Heart offers up a simple, self-loving solution to feeling our absolute best- inside and out. Combining easy, yet effective strategies with powerful prompts and anecdotes, this book will guide you to create a health and wellbeing plan that works for you.


This book is for you if:

  • You’re starting from scratch and need a complete health over-haul
  • You want to add an extra level of vibrancy to your existing health and wellness routine
  • You have a teenage girl in your world who needs a positive body image boost or reminder
  • You’ve gone through a period of neglecting and not prioritising yourself
  • You have low self-confidence in regards to your appearance and what you have to offer others
  • You’re over-eating, under eating or just not eating as well as you know you could be
  • Exercise has never been your “thing”
  • You don’t have the time to exercise in your life